Built To Last A Lifetime

Rhodis was founded by 2 passionate travelers with a mission to offer a premium, reliable and smooth travelling experience at an accessible price point.

Lifetime Warranty Policy

Our Story

Here write a paragrpah on our story -> swiss design german craftsmanship

Our Mission

Traditional suitcases don’t live long. Whether its the zipper or the wheel that has broken... Plus, the plastic shell offers little protection for your belongings against the airport staff and machines throwing your suitcase around.

In contrast, luxury aluminum suitcases often provide superior quality and address all the issues of a traditional suitcase. However, their high cost can prevent their use to those not willing to invest a fortune in a suitcase.

"Our mission at Rhodis is to bring the luxury travel experience a hard shell suitcase can offer at an affordable price. Inspired by the timeless design of Rimowa, we designed a suitcase that not only lasts a lifetime but also makes you stand out in the crowd."

David and Antoine


Rhodis is commited to a sustainable future. All our suitcases are designed and crafted to last a lifetime, meeting high sustainability standards and countering mass consumption.

We offer repairs on all functional damage, ensuring an extended lifespan, while the timeless design invites you to cherish your suitcase for a lifetime, evolving and gaining personality with every single adventure.

Travel For A Lifetime